New, Homegrown ACT Director of Engineering

New, Homegrown ACT Director of Engineering

Steve Pomilio, ACT Director of Engineering

Steve Pomilio

AUGUST 2019 – Advanced Component Testing is happy to announce that Steven Pomilio has become our new Director of Engineering. Steve is an electrical engineer who has earned the respect of the ACT staff by working closely with them as a software engineer on numerous projects over a six-year period.

In fact, Steve played a leading role in several of ACT’s more recent advancements. Not only did he write the software that automatically records data that used to be manually notated, he also created the applications to control and thus automate electrical testing via ACT’s recently acquired, legacy HP8200. With his trademark can-do attitude, Steve is now focusing on accelerating the testing process while maintaining and even improving accuracy.

In a recent conversation Steve noted that his years in the industry (including ten on the distribution side) have impressed upon him “that the inspection and testing of mil-aero parts is especially serious business with no room for error.” As a result, Steve is a hands-on manager who puts quality first and always.

Steve attended the Symposium on Counterfeit Parts and Materials this past June and got a chance to swap stories with industry colleagues and even learn a few things. There Steve actually discovered from a representative of a major prime (and ACT customer) that ACT’s AS6171 accreditation was a first in the industry! He and the staff at the lab were so busy perfecting the quality system and methods required for the AS6171 audit that they we unaware what a milestone it was for the industry, as well as for the company.

Steve can be reached by phoning 631-676-6390 or by emailing