Services Overview

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Comprehensive Testing, Inspection & Engineering Services

The staff at Advanced Component Testing tests, analyzes and inspects a wide variety of new and legacy devices and packages to MilSpec test methods, key industry standards, and specific customer requirements. Services include electrical testing, quality screening, authenticity inspection and counterfeit detection, material analysis, logistics and packaging, and engineering services such as device programming and upscreening for passive, discrete, linear, digital and memory devices.

At ACT we take every measure to ensure that each test and inspection satisfies all technical requirements as well as business objectives. To that end our engineers, programmers and technicians develop and execute custom bench and automated test routines, including those with custom text fixtures. Advanced Component Testing is a highly accredited independent test lab providing analyses and results that meet the highest standards for accuracy within a concise yet detailed report.

Count on ACT’s unwavering commitment to superior service to ensure you receive your fully tested components back within the required time frame.

Electrical Testing  Functional to parametric testing on a wide range of COTS and MilSpec devices.

Authenticity Inspection Inspections and tests to measure quality and ID potentially counterfeit products.

Material Analysis Sophisticated techniques to detect and identify materials within microelectronic parts.

Other Services Including solderability and leak testing, temperature cycling, relifing, and failure analysis.

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