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More Information

View, download and/or print the latest ACT literature.

  • ACT Company Overview – An overview of the broad range of services we offer and the standards and test methods with which we comply.
  • Electrical Testing Services Overview – A more detailed description of our electrical testing capabilities, including test plan strategies and ACT’s methodology.
  • Quality/Authenticity Inspection Services – A more in depth look at inspection and testing services for identifying counterfeit and otherwise substandard parts.
  • AS6171 vs. AS6081 White Paper Compares the two standards and clarifies how AS6171 improves the identification of suspect parts.
  • Verified Technical Competency – The basis of ACT’s technical competency to perform electrical testing, counterfeit mitigation services, and value-added engineering services.
  • Military Standard Capabilities – MIL-STD-202, -750 and -883 test methods ACT can adhere to and those for which we are DLA Land & Maritime lab suitability approved.
  • ACT Services for Aged Inventory – Testing. inspection and engineering services ideally suited to legacy electronic components.
  • FPGA Testing Capabilities – as of May 2019
  • Relifing Aged Inventory – An explanation of what “relifing” testing/inspection is and why it’s important, the standard it is based on, and when to consider using it.
  • Securing Authentic Authenticity Testing – What to look for and do to avoid receiving subpar counterfeit testing.