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Advanced Component Testing offers a number of additional services above and beyond our electrical and authenticity tests. Our seasoned technicians and engineers can perform a variety of analyses, tests and services in high demand by our commercial, industrial and military customers. At ACT, we are continually expanding our offering so if your company needs a service that is not on the list below, please contact us to verify whether or not we are able to provide it.

  • Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA)
  • Fine/Gross Leak Testing
  • Solderability Testing >> Learn more.
  • Device Programming/Blank Verification
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Bake/Dry Pack
  • Failure Analysis
  • Tape and Reeling
  • Up Screening >> Learn more.
  • Relifing Aged Inventory>> Learn more.

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Specific Services:    Xilinx FPGA Testing