Upscreening Experts

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Upscreening is testing for the purpose of documenting device performance to higher specs as compared to OEM drawings, including to wider temperature ranges and tighter tolerances. Upscreening is made possible by the fact that semiconductors and other active and passive components can often operate above and beyond at least some of their official specifications.

Common scenarios in which upscreening may be warranted include:

  • An obsolete device is required to maintain or repair a legacy part or system BUT it is no longer available and thus you seek to substitute another part.
  • A customer is looking for a military or industrial version of a COTS item and thus need assurance of enhanced performance and/or environmental tolerance.
  • Part selection to weed out marginal product via burn-in to help ensure reliability.
  • To address a design issue in which a part needs to perform at a higher level or withstand a higher stress level and thus needs to either meet higher specs or be replaced.

ACT can test and characterize EEE parts including resistors, capacitors, diodes, semiconductors and microcircuits to a source control drawing or to comply with other (for example, military) specifications. Parameters to which ACT engineers and technicians can perform upscreen testing include: temperature, voltage, current, timing and frequency. Over the years, we have developed custom test plans and even some proprietary equipment to help us perform upscreening better and faster.