ACT Compliance

As the threats posed by counterfeit electronic components and other quality issues evolve over time, so do the standards that guide the industry and the preeminence of one over the other. While there is no formal certification for adherence to certain (especially newer) standards, Advanced Component Testing can assure full compliance to the letter and spirit of these standards. While some of these standards are directly applicable to independent test labs, we can also adhere to others that are not in order to satisfy the compliance requirements of our distributor and contractor customers.

ACT’s quality and technical staffs are well versed on the latest versions of key standards in order to ensure compliance with all requirements on every test, inspection and service we provide. This includes the following military, aerospace and electronics industry standards:

Test Lab Standards

  • AS6171 – Aerospace standard for inspection and test procedures, as well as training and certification requirements for detection of suspect/counterfeit EEE parts. ACT is certified to all key test methods. View certificate. Standard overview.
  • J-STD-002 – IPC/JEDEC  solderability testing standard.
  • J-STD-033 – Handling, packing and shipping of moisture-sensitive devices.

Flowdown Requirements

  • AS6081 – Aerospace standard for distributors covering the avoidance, detection, mitigation and disposition of fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts. ACT is certified to all key test methods. View certificate. Standard overview.
  • CCAP-101 – Legacy standard for independent distributors covering procedures for the authentication of electronic components.
  • DFARS – U.S DoD Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement Part 252.246-7007 requires contractors to buy those electronic parts that are not in stock with manufacturers from a supplier that meets industry standards for inspecting, testing and authenticating–and where testing is done at a facility on the DLA Qualified Testing Supplier List (as ACT is).
  • ECSS-Q-ST-60-14C – Aerospace standard for verifying that the initial quality and reliability of EEE parts intended for use in space applications have not been affected by time, storage and handling, also known as “relifing.”. Learn more about relifing.
  • IDEA-STD-1010 – A quality standard for the visual inspection of electronic components applicable to independent distributors.