Xilinx FPGA Testing

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ACT provides a wide range of services for the ever-popular Xilinx FPGAs.

Advanced Component Testing provides test and certification services for legacy Xilinx field programmable gate arrays on circuit board assemblies approaching or surpassing their 20-year service marks. Product families ACT tests and inspects include Spartan (XCSxx, XC2Sxx, XC25xxE and XCSxxXL); Vertex (XCVxx, XC2VPxx and XCVxxxxE); and XC4000 series (XC4000E, XC4000EX, XC4000L, AX4xxxXL and XC4000XLA). At ACT, we can accommodate a variety of geometries via custom test fixtures, including FPGAs with hundreds of inputs and outputs.


  • DC and AC electrical testing using clocked test vectors
  • Electrical testing over -65°C to 200°C
  • Static, dynamic, functional and switching results verified against OEM datasheet parameters
  • Accuracy of speed and functionality testing of family-specific primitives assured via official OEM design tools
  • Up-screening and burn-in testing
  • Authenticity inspection and testing, including IDCODE reading for enhanced testing