Transistor Testing & Inspection

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At Advanced Component Testing, we provide a wide range of services on transistors including parametric electrical testing, life testing via burn-in and thermal cycling, binning and matching, and counterfeit detection.

Some specific parameters we can test to include the industry standard collector-emitter/ base-emitter voltages, cut off leakage currents, and junction capacitances. We can also perform current measurements ranging from nano-amps up to 1,000 amps in pulsed power tests; as well as older, less common, measurements such as DC gain (hFE).

To provide expedited service for larger jobs, ACT has an ATE for discrete semiconductors like transistors, MOSFETs and diodes. This automatic test equipment can quickly measure multiple parameters under multiple conditions, while providing numeric data, pass/fail results and binning categories in a single pass. ACT also recently acquired some equipment which allows us to perform very high current, pulsed tests, which are specific to high power devices.

Their basic functionality and easily remarked metal casing makes transistors more prone to counterfeiting. As many of these DIEs have no identifying marks and only their general topology is unique, electrical verification may be the best way to identify a suspect counterfeit transistor.