AS6171 Overview

AS6171: Test Methods Standard; General Requirements, Suspect/Counterfeit, EEE Parts  

What is AS6171 Counterfeit testing?                             

SAE released AS6171, its standard for laboratory test methods for identifying suspect counterfeit EEE parts, in late 2016. AS6171 provides uniform requirements, practices and test methods for test facilities to follow and is more stringent than standards SAE had previously released for resellers (AS6081) and manufacturers (AS5553).

Who is this standard FOR?

As of early 2019, AS6171 is on the way to becoming the leading quality and counterfeit mitigation standard. Not only are major aerospace primes beginning to require compliance; the next iteration of AS6081 will be more closely aligned with AS6171, according to SAE. Currently, Advanced Component Testing is one of a few ANAB-accredited ISO/IEC testing lab performing all AS6171 test methods required to the moderate risk level on site.

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As compared to AS6081 (the default standard since its 2013 release), SAE AS6171 requires additional inspections and tests (aggressive acetone, mechanical scrape, XRF material and SEM surface analysis, decap on passives and DC electrical testing); defines unique test sequences for its five defined risk levels; and provides greater details about how to perform inspections and tests. 

AS6171 Test Methods:

  • Documentation & Packaging Inspection
  • External Visual Inspection (including via SEM)
  • Marking Permanency Solvent
  • Two-tier Acetone
  • IM2P Solvent
  • Commercial Solvent


  • Mechanical Scrape
  • XRF for Lead Finish
  • XRF for Materials
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • Delid/Decap Inspection