ACT is Proud to Announce Expansion of Electronic Testing Services

ACT is Proud to Announce Expansion of Electronic Testing Services

Ronkonkoma January 4, 2013 – Advanced Component Testing is excited to announce their expansion into functional electrical testing, including Group A capabilities by investing in the latest equipment and technology for electronic component testing.  This is an enhancement to their already large selection of testing services. The lab was developed to meet the overwhelming demand for testing and screening in the electronic components sector due to the high risk of counterfeit parts within many companies’ supply chain.

ACT is at the forefront of identifying electronic components suspected of being counterfeit or substandard within the mil-aerospace, commercial, medical and automotive industries.

Advanced Component Testing is always looking at ways to broaden their electronic component testing capabilities and to offer the latest in testing techniques. The upgrade to offer functional electrical testing, including Group A, was to increase their ability to test component devices’ full functional and parametric requirements at the recommended manufacturers’ operating temperatures, offering testing techniques that now can be quantified as well as a variety of component verification methods.

“We are dedicated to using the most current counterfeit detection technology combined with our proprietary database, experienced engineers, testing procedures and state of the art equipment to make ACT a leader in detection counterfeit components” said Mike Zambito, VP of Operations for Advanced Components Testing.

About ACT’s Product Authenticity Services:

Electrical Testing, Group A Electrical Testing,  Solderability, IC Decapsultation/De-lidding, Internal Visual Die Verification, Material Analysis/Device Composition, Component Surface Inspection, X-ray Die Bond and Frame Verification, Physical Dimension, Marking Permanency, XRF Spectrum Analysis, Comprehensive report, Proprietary OCM Die database, Engineering review, Solderability Testing, Bake/Dry Pack, Tape/Reeling.

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