ACT Expands Scope of ISO 17025 Accreditation

ACT Expands Scope of ISO 17025 Accreditation

The fear of having counterfeit parts within the supply chain is something all companies share. Whether you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer or an independent distributor, buying in the open market, this can be the biggest risk that your business will encounter. Although in an ideal world, avoiding the open market altogether would solve much of the counterfeiting issues, realistically businesses could not survive because the open market distribution channel provides inventory solutions for obsolete, allocated and hard-to-find components.

Testing is the safety net to buying in the open market; it prevents many negative effects to your business. When it comes to testing, using a lab that is ISO 17025 accredited is vital. The ISO 17025 is the International Standard by which a laboratory’s commitment to quality is evaluated, and requires a stringent test process to adhere to a stricter protocol.

Advanced Component Testing is currently one of the select few ISO 17025 accredited labs performing functional electrical testing and counterfeit detection. The adherence to this accreditation allows ACT to provide state of the art test services that precisely measures active and passive electronic components with accurate and valid results each time.

In fact, ACT has recently broadened their scope of ISO 17025 accreditation, adding to their already extensive electronic component testing capabilities. Additional extended counterfeit detection processes included in the scope expansion are:  Elemental  Content by XRF, Radiographic Examination/Inspection, Visual Inspection, Packaging Configuration and Dimensions, Testing for Resurfacing, and Decapsulation and Die Verification. These counterfeit mitigation processes meet all of the requirements for the IDEA STD-10-10, AS 6081, and DLA QTSL required testing for component authenticity.

“ACT is very excited to be expanding and enhancing our range of accreditations yet again, in order to provide the best and most complete testing and component authenticity services to our customers. Advanced Component testing is dedicated to using the most current counterfeit detection technology. This, combined with our proprietary database, experienced engineers, advanced testing procedures, and state of the art equipment positions ACT as a leader in detection of counterfeit components” stated Mike Zambito, VP of Operations for Advanced Components Testing.

This latest expansion in scope of accreditation now gives Advanced Component Testing an advantage to offer their customers a wider range of testing services. ACT’s project management and logistic experience provides a consistent and systematic approach to their testing procedures each and every time.

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